You know it’s gonna be good when you have two cock sucking cum lovers together for a scene. Rad is such a tempting sight that Brady can’t hold himself back, waking him up for some mutual oral. They get right to work on each other, licking, stroking and sucking on those hard inches until their balls are spewing out their thick and tasty rewards for them to enjoy!

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As Danny’s condition in the hospital changes, PI Jacobey London has his suspicions raised when little Benjamin Riley hasn’t been completely honest with him. Benjamin goes to meet with none other than Robbie Anthony, the Pops-dealing criminal who’s been tasked with taking Jacobey down. The two start to fool around and after sucking on Benjamin’s cock and hole; Robbie lies back so Benjamin can ride his hard cock. The two experiment with an interesting position before finishing things missionary style, with a hot facial for Benjamin. The biggest twist of part four of Lollipop Underground comes at the end, though, as the “pillow talk” between Robbie and Benjamin takes a bloody turn.


When the teacher’s aren’t looking, horny boys have their cocks out in some mutual jerking! That’s what kicks this off when horny Phillip discovers young inked hottie Chris beating his morning wood in the campsite toilets. Sucking and fucking ensues with a rampant session of flip flopping, the boys satisfying their cum lust and spewing out some juice to taste! It might not be glamorous, but it sure is fucking horny!

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In part three of Lollipop Underground, Jacobey London finds himself in a whole lot of trouble. He heads to a seedy sex club called Man Cave, trying to find the truth behind Danny’s vicious beating and a suspicious symbol left branded on the boy’s ass. After an argument with the bartender, Phillip Ashton, Jacobey gets caught in a shootout in the alley. Meanwhile, “Pops” dealer Robbie Anthony is also in hot water as he tries to explain the situation to the crew boss. Jason Valencia is none too impressed with his little goon’s failure and he accepts Robbie to fix it… and make up for it with a hot fuck, too. After some eager sucking and rimming, Jason fucks Robbie hard across his desk.

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When Jayden invited his friends Austin and Zack over to study for a test the following day, he knew that it wouldn’t work out that way. This is what the boys really get up to when their parents drop them off for a study session, sucking cock and spewing cum in a bukkake lesson! Luckily their test scores are still good, but maybe that’s because they’re all sucking off the teacher too?

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To get his investigation rolling, private investigator Jacobey London visits the victim and his former lover in the hospital. As he looks at a battered Danny, Jacobey thinks back on their turbulent relationship, including the heated affair that ended it. While working another case, Jacobey hooked up with Chris Jett and the sex was hot enough he still hasn’t forgotten about it. The two started by 69-ing, sucking down each other’s cocks, before Chris is hungry for more. Jacobey fucks his tight ass hard until they’re both breathing hard and desperate, blowing their loads all over Chris’ toned stomach.  Jacobey gets a lead in the case when, having shaken off the memories, he discovers the card for a sex club in Danny’s personal effects.

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Private investigator, Jacobey London, doesn’t really give a shit when he receives a cease & desist order; he’s not exactly new to operating outside the rules (he only accepts two forms of payment: cash or sex.) He’s skeptical when pretty young Benjamin Riley turns up on his doorstep asking for his help in finding the people responsible for his friend’s brutal beating. Jacobey decides to take the case, though, when he realizes the victim is his former lover. Little Benjamin doesn’t have the cash to pay for his services, but Jacobey is happy to take his ass at payment. He wets Benjamin’s pink hole with his tongue before stretching it out with his hard cock. The two fuck hard all over the PI’s office before Benjamin ends up laced in hot, sticky cum.

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Billy always wants what Colby has, and when he finds a tasty treat in his pants he’s on it in a flash! The boys need more than just some sugar, they have a taste for salty goo too, and they know how to get it. After swapping hard dicks and enjoying a great fuck with Colby getting the cum fucked from his balls, the bottom boy takes a truly impressive splashing of Billy’s load all over his face, ending with a messy kiss!

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The boys on were naughty all year but somehow they managed to get a lot more than coal for Christmas! We’ve got a lot of hot content coming in 2014, but in the mean time, take a look at how we ended 2013 on

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